Restaurants and Bars

A «Frezco» concept that privileges fresh ingredients from local producers, in order to stimulate the regional economy – thus reducing CO2 emissions caused by transportation –  and to offer the best of Alentejo…

• Buffet Restaurant - serves breakfast, lunch and dinner
• Dinner:
Soups, salads, hot meals, desserts and drinks
Show-Cooking with fish & meat grills and pizzas
• Healthy and varied meals prepared also for children and vegetarians
• Light Lunch on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays until the end of June and everyday until September 16th
• Light meals, snacks, pastry, drinks and coffee
• Burgers, hot dogs and drinks
> During summertime only
• Picnics for the beach, meadow or for your accommodation
> During summertime only

Chef Carlos Bernardo
Cook for 22 years with vast experience in Portuguese, regional and international cuisine. He worked at the prestigious Restaurant Tasca do Celso at Vila Nova de Milfontes and then joined Zmar where customers feel delighted with his dishes that include mainly Portuguese and regional ingredients.

Frezco.Come | Observations:
• Access is reserved for guests with a Meal Plan and/or customers who purchase a pre-paid meal;
• Dinner includes buffet, show-cooking, desserts and beverages: water, wine, soft drinks and coffee;
• Children up to 3 years old enjoy for free the same Meal Plan that accompanying adults have purchased.

Frezco Picnics | Observations:
• 2 types of Picnics available;
• Order 24h in advance;
• Collection at Frezco Café;
• There is a reserved Picnic Area inside the Resort.

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