At Zmar you will want to become a child again…

• Eco Workshops & Ateliers
• For children from 3 to 12 years old
> Included in your stay
• Equipped with many toys - wooden animals, castles, little houses - for every age
• Wood construction in order to mingle with the natural scenario of Alentejo
> Included in your stay
• Shows and explains the flora, fauna, climate and the main ancestral vestiges of the region
> Included in your stay
• Visit the donkeys, goats, sheep, duck and geese
> Activity included in your stay
• Unforgettable days
• Amusement Park, Ateliers or Traditional Games
• Minimum of 15 children
> For more informations: eventos@zmar.eu

At the Eco Resort children are a main focus.

There is an area specially for kids with numerous interactive and didactic toys, all made of wood and materials that mingle with the landscape.

We have 25.000 of free space for adventure, events and discoveries – where not only children, but all the family – can walk, run, jump and scream all the while in harmony with nature.

In this area hundreds of kids can play simultaneously without disturbing one another.
This area is properly fenced and duly watched – children’s safety is one of Zmar’s priorities.


At the Kidz House Workshops and Ateliers are organized: children are able to learn about recycling and about reusing materials.

The Amusement Park has been designed so that all toys are linked together in a circuit, to enable parents and children to explore and enjoy new experiences together.

The Environmental Interpretation Center – integrated in Kidz House – shows and explains the flora, fauna, climate and the main ancestral vestiges of the region. The environmental interpretation concerns a set of principles and techniques that aims to stimulate people’s understanding of the environment, encouraging curiosity, knowledge, reflection through practical interactions with nature and prioritizing the conservation of natural resources.

The Pedagogical Farm is also a much appreciated activity among our little guests: they can learn about our donkeys, goats, sheep and ducks, and about their habitat.

At Zmar we also organize your kids’ Birthday Party!  An unforgettable experience with outdoor activities and/or at the Kidz House. Besides our Amusement Park, you can choose an Eco Atelier or Traditional Games – always with the supervision of our monitors!

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