Philosophy and Environmental Policy

Zmar is concerned with the environment.


The first Eco Resort in Portugal, located in Zambujeira do Mar, Vicentina Coast.

An original concept, unique in its location and natural landscape, in its ecological practices and in its wide, modern and fully equipped Facilities.  With many activities and types of accommodation, it is the ideal place to rest or have fun in Harmony with Nature.

A concept based on Environmental, Social and Economic Sustainability. A Resort full of life offering  services and infrastructures for a comfortable and pleasant stay.


Ecotourism is:

• A form of tourism that appeals to ecologically and socially conscious individuals, evaluating environmental and cultural factors, focusing on personal growth and learning new ways to live on the planet;
• A form of tourism with minimal impact on the environment;
• The conservation of biological diversity and cultural diversity through ecosystem protection;
• The creation of economic opportunities for the local communities;
• The building of environmental and cultural awareness and respect;
• An action that is economically viable to all;

We must all be conscious that our planet is under a serious threat, and that the green lifestyle is a reality that can’t be avoided, and we hope it won’t be too late.

At Zmar we try our best to act according to these principles and we appreciate your contribution and feedback if you feel that we can do better!

Eco-Hotel Certificate

Our Environmental Policy was rewarded with the TUV Rheinland Certificate for Eco-Hotel.

Our Environmental Policy includes:

• Water Consumption Management: a crucial natural resource. The Water is responsibly managed with systems and equipments that allow us to reduce water consumption;

• Energy Consumption Management: solar energy is used through photovoltaic panels on every lamp post and guiding lights, in order to decrease the usage of public electricity; and through thermal panels to heat water in every building. We also use low power consumption electrical equipments;

• Waste Management: through the reduction of products with packaging; and through our Recycling Policy: all exterior furniture and signs were made of recycled plastic only, in order to decrease the amount of waste caused by the excessive use of this material. We recycled around 400.000 tons of plastic, preventing from going to a landfill.

Environmental Practices

Zmar was built in order to mingle in the natural scenario and keep its natural resources, using renewable resources such as wood and stone.

Everything was built in wood, that came from certified forests, which means that they are well-managed and legally harvested.

All constructions are suspended above the ground, thus reducing the negative effects of the impermeabilization of the soil.

Solar energy is used, through photovoltaic panels on every lamp post and guiding lights, in order to decrease the usage of public electricity.

The Water Treatment Station benefits include: cleaner water and immediate reduction of the levels of bacteria, and less risk of environmental damage to local life.

Ecology in the Construction:

• Everything was built in wood. The advantages of using wood include: wood is easily maintained and recycled, it has a longer life span, thermal comfort, it is energy saving, it has a good acoustical isolation and a higher resistance to earthquakes;
• All buildings were constructed in order to take the most advantage from the natural shade, and all the windows installed in order to let the air circulate thus reducing the need for air conditioning;
• Roads and parking spots were constructed in order not to impermeabilize the soil;
• Every accommodation is equipped with thermal solar panels to heat the waters, with economy taps, with dual-flush installed in every toilet, and with energy-efficient lamps;
• Lightening is installed with movement sensors in all common areas;
• All outdoor furniture and signs were made of recycled plastic only, in order to decrease the amount of waste caused by the excessive use of this material. It is around 400 thousand tons of plastic that we prevented from going to a landfill;
• We have our own Water Treatment Station (that treats the water that comes from the Stª Clara Dam), and a Sewage Treatment Unitthat treats and recycles all residual waters, in order to reuse them to water the gardens and common areas, thus reducing the usage of public water, channeling it for other priorities.

The amount of waste of plastic has reached an outrageous level, affecting the environment in a very negative way, killing fish and birds that eat it thinking that it’s food.

Whenever possible all products in Zmar are bought locally and nationally, thus reducing the emissions of CO2 caused by transportation;

Ecology in our Attitudes:

• Traffic of vehicles is limited inside Zmar: we use electric cars equipped with solar panels in order to reduce CO2 emissions;
• In Zmar we try not to use paper at all, but the one we use is recycled;
• We use low-power consumption electrical equipments;
• Cleaning products are natural and biodegradable, containing the minimum possible amount of chemical components;
• We Collect and Recycle:
Used Cooking Oil – for the Production of Bio-Diesel
E-Waste (Protocol with AMI)
Electronic Equipments (Protocol with European Recycling Platform)
Residues – Paper & Cardboard, Glass, Plastic & Metal

Example is not the best way to influence someone… it is the only way!

Ecology with a Mission – to Educate:

• Zmar has a Center for Environmental Interpretation – it shows and explains the fauna, the flora, the climate and the main ancestral remains of the region;
• We have Corporate Televisions in all common areas with messages and facts about the environment and on how to reduce our impact;
• We organize Eco Workshops related to the environment.

We thank you for joining us!

Environmental Policy

Eco Policy:

• Ensure that your stay or visit is done in a sustainable way with a reduced impact on the environment, never forgetting the quality of the hotel and our complementary services;

• Ensure the rational use of resources and energy;

• Obtain satisfaction, trust and preference from our guests and visitors;

• Ensuring food safety;

• Ensure the safety of our entertainment and sports equipments and facilities;

• Ensure compliance with the legal requirements applicable to the services provided by Zmar;

• Continuously improve the level of training and employee performance, in terms of quality, environment and food safety;

• To seek the continuous improvement of the Eco Resort through the definition of goals and their periodic follow-up.

Waste Management

Thank you for managing your waste wisely!

Organic Waste – includes all food waste from the restaurant that is re-used to feed the animals that live in Zmar thus reducing pollution, odors and negative impact on the community; meat and fish leftovers will be shreded and re-used as manure for the gardens;

Non Organic Waste – USR (Urban Solid Residues), PET (plastic that is mainly used in synthetic fibers for beverages, food and other liquid containers), paper, glass & metal – for the management and recycling of these residues Zmar works with AMBILITAL;

Waste Management: there is a designated Collection Area for the process, management and composting of these residues.

Don’t Toss: paper packages with food leftoers or fat (box of pizzas), hazardous paper packages with chemicals, adhesive paper, paper napkins, wiping towels, tissue paper and diapers.

Toss: glass and bottles.
Don’t Toss: dishes, ceramics, glasswares, mirrors and lamps.

Don’t Toss: packages containing hazardous waste (gasoline, motor oils), house appliances, batteries, objects such as pans and cookware.

There are battery disposal points at the Eco Resort.

Eco Partners

AMI – E-Waste Collection
ERP – Electronic Equipments Collection & Recycling
Ambilital – Waste Collection & Recycling

Eco Balance

With our eco systems and equipments we are able to calculate tons of residues that were sent for recycling, as well as energy consumption reduction per guest.

Eco Tips

• Turn off the lights
• Take quick showers
• Unplug your electric equipments
• Reduce, reuse and recycle

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