Genuine Flavours!

A Feast of the Senses

At Zmar we offer genuine flavours …

A selection of thoughtful choices originate unique dishes. Ingredients – meat, fish, vegetables, fruits – are crafted and enhanced with fresh herbs to offer a splendor of flavours!
The confection is simple: it highlights the purity and authenticity of the raw material.

To cook a dish well it is necessary to take into account the presentation, the smell, the taste, the nutritional value – result of the balance between the ingredients and the attitude of the cook as well as the environment that surrounds him. These aspects are the basis of a healthy diet.

At Zmar we try to vary the culinary techniques: bake, saute, blanch, stew, in the oven, steam, toast, or grill.

We cook with love, dedication and a peaceful mind.


At Zmar we privilege fresh ingredients from local producers, in order to stimulate the regional economy – thus reducing CO2 emissions caused by transportation –  and to offer the best of Alentejo…

We offer:

• Frezco.Come Buffet Restaurant
• Frezco Biztro with Table Service
• Frezco Café
• Frezco Pool Bar (during summertime only)
• Frezco Picnics (during summertime only)

Zmar Tips:
> Enjoy each bite thoroughly each and discover all the textures, aromas and flavours;
> Always have your meals sitting down, even if it’s a snack;
> Vary food products: according to your needs and preferences, try to keep up with seasonal fruits and vegetables.


Email: reservas@zmar.eu
Telephone: (+351) 283 031 987

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