We think of everyone.
We can all enjoy Zmar

Zmar is a new form of tourism – we believe it is the future, in which Man and Nature co-exist in perfect harmony…

The innovation at Zmar is not only present in the quality and variety of the services we offer: it is also present in its ecological and sustainable characteristics.

Innovative also in the sense that our infrastructures are adapted for guests with disabilities: Zmar was built and designed so that everyone can enjoy all our services, since all architectural obstacles were eliminated.

The Resort is prepared to welcome guests with disabilities: in Europe, 5 million people in wheelchairs travel, and 36 million would like to do so. Without ignoring this segment, and in order to provide equality to all our markets, Zmar is equipped with accommodations for guests with reduced mobility, so that they can travel quietly and move easily and independently within the Resort. “Eco” does not refer only to environmental practices: the word “Eco” in Zmar extends to the valorization of equality among all.

Zmar has thought of promoting accessibility for people with special needs: not only people in wheelchairs but also people who can not travel long distances or who are temporarily conditioned such as pregnant women, children and the elderly.

For more information please contact: info@zmar.eu

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