Waste Management

Waste Management

To manage waste properly, we are counting with each and all of you!


Organic Waste - includes all the food waste from the restaurant that is re-used to feed the animals of the farm, thus reducing pollution, odors and negative impact on the community; meat and fish leftovers will be shreded and re-used as manure for the gardens;

Non Organic Waste - USR (Urban Solid Residues), PET (plastic that is mainly used in synthetic fibers for beverage, food and other liquid containers), Paper, Glass & Metal - for the management and recycling of these residues Zmar works with AMBILITAL;



>> Waste Management: there is a designated Collection Area for the process, management and composting of these residues;


Blue - Paper & Cardboard

Don't toss: paper packages with food and fat, hazardous paper packages with chemicals, adhesive paper, paper napkins, wiping towels, tissue paper and diapers.


Green - Glass

Toss: glass and bottles.

Don't toss: dishes, ceramics, glassware, mirrors and lamps.


Yellow - Plastic & Metal

Don't toss: packages containing hazardous waste, house appliances, batteries*, objects such as pans and cookware.


Batteries - There are battery disposal points in the central area of the Resort.


Used Cooking Oil - There is a container especially for used cooking oil that is recycled and then sent for the production of bio-diesel.


Thank you for managing your waste wisely.

Choose an eco-friendly holiday, for the sake of the planet, your health and your children’s health too.



Eco Partners:


Quercus – National Association for Nature Conservation

AMI – E-Waste Collection
ERP – Electronic Equipments Collection & Recycling

Ambilital – Waste Collection & Recycling





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