«If you are physically active, love nature, great food...» - May 2015


Just spent 8 days at Zmar and can't say enough about the value, the friendly and helpful staff, the fabulous food and the beauty of the natural surroundings and the amenities. There is walking involved as the spa/resort covers 81 hectares but I came to love walking the gravel roads, the sounds of the birds, the donkeys, the whole chorus of nature and no light pollution at night so the starscape was wonderful. The Zmovel unit I was in was spotless and had everything I needed. Make sure you have good walking shoes/sandals and sun protection. The nights could get quite cold but the units had AC/heater splits and were perfect. Thank you, Zmar staff for taking such good care of us there.»





«Thank you! We had a great time!» - February 2015

We particularly loved the children's playground, conmfortable beds, the Spa and our Zvilla. We love your place and the Eco theme and willl definitely be back.


«Great weekend with friends» - December 2014

Zmar space and team was just great. The park is extremely friendly and full of options… I do recommend the spa and the pools. So so so so good.
The restaurant has great food and the nicest of people. They even made a birthday surprise cake for a friend of ours (after letting us stay at the spa until dinner time, holding on our supper for us).
And Zvilla is a 40m2 wooden house with a large porch - so you can enjoy the peaceful landscape surrounding the Eco Campo.
And the Zvillas are simple but very cute and comfortable. Even with a terrible weather outside we were perfectly cosy and happy inside.





«Amazing Stay at Zmar» - November 2014

"Many activities and thing to do! People are very nice and attentive. The food if great with variety too. It is very close to the beach and smack in the middle of nature! A must go in my book!"


«Zmar - Vacations with Nature» - November 2014

"I've been a couple of times to Zmar and I recommend it to everyone! It's a very nice and tidy place where you can always be in contact with nature. Very close to most of the more beautiful beaches in Portugal!"


«Love the Zmar Experience» - November 2014

"You have some special beings working there: humble, loving and always of service. Thank you for the Zmar experience! I'm your ambassador now!"


«Good Accommodation» - November 2014

"I was part of a group, had a log cabin for myself which was very comfortable complete with a flat screen television. The food was delicious with a great variety to chose from. Could have had a 3 course cooked meal 3 times a day had I wanted to. Enjoyed the swimming pool and walk around the property. Free wifi was a bonus!"


«Just Super!!!» - October 2014

"Great picturesque area! The Zchalet is very comfortable, a peaceful place where you can rest... Clearly the owners care about the environment, and the staff is very friendly and helpful. The food in the Restaurant is very always fresh, healthy and delicious! The perfect place to rest from the city."


«I was very pleased with Zmar» - October 2014

"I will recommend it as good family getaway. We were pleased with the quality of the Zvilla."


«Family Paradise» - October 2014

"I have two sons, a 3 year old boy and a 3 months baby. Both of them are already huge fans of this place. The older one has the time of his life since he wakes up, throughout the day, the excitement really only finishes when its time to got to bed. Also while he is occupied doing all his activities, I can go to the spa and take my time. Highlights: indoor swimming pool with waves; seeing all the animals, donkeys, ducks, sheeps; riding the bike; eating pizzas; going to the cinema, and of course the children´s paradise: the kidz area. The villas have everything we need in the kitchen, beds are very comfortable, sofas' quality and size have improved since the last time we went. It´s the place to make new friends and to always come back. Truly recommended."


«Top Vacations» - October 2014

"In the Alentejo coast is still kept a secret ...It's a place which I highly recommend to all who want to rest, tranquility and comfort. Great spa, great 100 m outdoor pool and an indoor waves pool. Great beaches, nearby. Great family environment. I felt wonderfully well and I will certainly return. Congrats and see you soon."


«Fantastic Hotel Resort» - October 2014

"A wonderful setting! I had a fantastic time here, loads of things to do: wave pool, 100m pool, tracking, cycling, spa and tennis! Impossible to get bored at zmar and its a great place to relax with the beach nearby and very comfortable hotel! Really reccommend this resort with extremely welcoming staff and hopefully will be back soon!"





«I love it in Zmar» - September 2014

"I love it in Zmar. Everything nicely is taking care of! The atmosphere is great, healthy and relaxing. The space is fantastic. All staff are very kind. The food is very good and portions are generous. This is the place for sure to be back. I'll advise my friends, family and people with similar interests. Thank you so much!"


«Very Green Camping Park» - July 2014
"I've been there in an event organized by my company (Team Building). Whe stayed in cabins with all the necessary conditions. Bedroom for two persons, kitchen and bathroom. Restaurant and bar with excellent quality. Everything is green. Recycled pens, lots of garbage disposal, etc. Huge 100m pool, wave pool and gym. All the staff is very young (students in summer break), all very polite and available to help us. I recommend it!"


«Good Experience in a Different kind of Camping» - June 2014
"We are a couple and spent 3 nights at Zmar at a Zmobile (small wooden house) in June, and it was an overall good experience. Some pros: food quality, definitely environment friendly, dogs allowed except some races (although we didn't take one), very family friendly with lots to do for kids and grown ups, very helpful staff and organization, good concept on the Zinfo which is an office where you can book activities, get info and pretty much everything you need, the sports area is very very good, beautiful and functional central area with all the services. We didn't camp in the real sense of the word, but being in lots of camping sites before we can recognize the great conditions they have for tent campers. A totally must is the commune kitchen, which we never saw anywhere else in the world before in a camping site. Great idea."


«Best Camping Ever!» - June 2014

"Not the type of person who camps or stays at camping parks every holiday, but this place is seriously an unique experience. You can opt to take your caravan, tent, or stay on their own rooms  which was what I did! Family or couple mode, the place is cleaner than my own house. Beds and sheets have an amazing quality! There's an infinity of activities to do, the restaurant is perfect and the food is fout of this world! Most beautiful beaches in the world are just around. The staff is amazing!"





«Green and Gorgeous!» - April 2014

"I truly loved my stay at Zmar and will go back for sure. What stroke me the most was the ecological concern present throughout the Resort. Staff was also very nice, respectful and well informed. The food was great, especially the pizzas made right in front of you! The outdoor activities are endless and the fantastic beaches close by also make it perfect for a family vacation. The atmosphere you feel at Zmar is definitely special and I really recommend a stay at this place."


«Extraordinary location, amazing accommodation and great value for money!» - April 2014

"Zmar offers you a very complete experience! You can choose to stay in the Resort and enjoy a variety of wonderful experiences! Or you can go to the beach just 10 minutes away. It is well suited for all types of vacation, with family, friends, romantic and even team building events!  A great service, an awesome vibe!! Looking forward for the next visit!"


«Combines the best of Portugal!» - April 2014

"Zmar is the perfect way to explore holidays in Portugal. The location together with the smartness and uniqueness of the facilities make it The Spot to spend unforgettable moments be them social or romantic. I highly recommend it not only to Portuguese people looking for different options in their country as well as foreigners visiting Portugal and wanting to see the best of this country! Beyond this, it is a place that combines the best of nature (wilderness, sea, beaches) in one location only, and equally unique during the Summer or Winter."



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