Bio Massages

Bio Massages

Manual Lymphatic Drainage | 55 minutes | 45€
Type of gentle massage which is intended to encourage natural lymph drainage.

Aromatherapy | 60 minutes | 65€
Relaxing aromatherapeutic massage, with the possibility to choose the adequate essential oil according to your preferences.

Swedish | 55 minutes | 55€
Full massage that will energize and relax you from head to toe, leaving your entire body with a feeling of profound well-being.

Relaxing | 50 minutes | 50€
Profoundly relaxing massage that combines various techniques that relax, calm down and eliminate tensions and anxieties, awakening the senses and giving your body energy and natural vitality.

Prenatal | 60 minutes | 65€
Prenatal massage or pregnancy massage is a safe therapy for women during their pregancy. It helps the mother relax, minimizing the amount of stress in her body. This treatment helps ease the tension, hydrates and increases the skin elasticity.

Localized | 30 minutes | 30€
Localized massage that focuses on areas with tension or muscular pain. This massage can be personalized per area and intensity, according to your preference.



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