Welcome to the 1st Eco Campo in Portugal.

By coming to Zmar, you are contributing to the preservation of the environment.



Ecotourism is:

a form of tourism that appeals to ecologically and socially conscious individuals, evaluating environmental and cultural factors, focusing on personal growth and learning new ways to live on the planet;

a form of tourism with minimal impact on the environment;

the conservation of biological diversity and cultural diversity through ecosystem protection;

the creation of economic opportunities for the local communities;

the building of environmental and cultural awareness and respect;

an action that is economically viable to all; 


We must all be conscious that our planet is under a serious threat, and that the green lifestyle is a reality that can't be avoided, and we hope it won't be too late.


Make a contribution by choosing destinations where sustainable development is promoted:

  • Choose places that are environmentally friendly, and ask about their environmental pratices;
  • Act in order to minimize the impact of your stay in the environment;


In Zmar we try our best to act accordingly to these principles, and we appreciate your contribution and feedback if you feel that we can do better.


At Zmar we organize your wedding party, corporate event, spiritual retreat or any other kind of celebration.

A Sustainable Event!

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Deutsche Camping Club - 2011

Unique European Campsite Award.


«Green and Gorgeous!»

April 2014