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1. Water Consumption Management: a crucial natural resource. The Water is responsibly managed with systems and equipments that allow us to reduce the water consumption.
2. Energy Consumption Management: solar energy is used, through photovoltaic panels on every lamp post and guiding lights, in order to decrease the usage of public electricity; and through thermal panels to heat water in every building. We also use low power consumption electrical equipments (aka Class A  or  Class I equipments).

3. Waste Management: through the reduction of products with packaging; and through our Recycling Policy: all exterior furniture and signs are made of recycled plastic only, in order to decrease the amount of waste caused by the excessive use of this material. We recycled around 400.000 tons of plastic, preventing from going to a landfill.



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Greenbiz - 2011

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«Very Green Camping Park»

July 2014