Deposit and Cancellation Policy

To confirm booking, a deposit equal to 40% of the amount, is required.
The other 60% of the total amount of your stay must be paid upon check-in.

Cancellation & Penalties on deposits

Up to 30 days in advance of arrival - there is no penalty.
29 days to 16 days in advance of arrival penalty of 50% on the deposit.
15 days to 7 days in advance of arrival penalty of 75% on the deposit.
6 days to 0 days in advance of arrival penalty of 100% on the deposit.

No Shows
There is no deposit return.

Early Check-Out

There is no payment return (please read the terms & conditions of use)

Penalties re-usage (not for Groups)

The number of nights that are not reimbursed in any situation described above (except No Shows) can be compensated during low seasons in a period of 12 months upon the cancellation date.


At Zmar we organize your wedding party, corporate event, spiritual retreat or any other kind of celebration.

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Alan Rogers - 2011

Unique Campsite Award.


«Very Green Camping Park»

July 2014