Biological Facials

Biological Facials

Men Go Green | 55 minutes | 45€
A biological treatment created for the active men’s demanding type of skin. It cleanses, purifies, energizes and hydrates, repairing the skin from aggressive environments and stress.

SOS Hydration | 55 minutes | 45€
Facial treatment that renews and hydrates the skin profoundly, promoting elasticity and luminosity. Advised as intensive treatment after solar exposure.

Purifying | 60 minutes | 65€
Profound cleansing treatment, clearing pores and reducing sebaceous secretion. Ideal for mixed and/or oily skins.

Antioxidant | 55 minutes | 55€
Treatment adequate for any type of skins, specially dull or lifeless skins. It regenerates cells and activates blood circulation. Green tea biological antioxidants extracts and olive tree extracts fight cells oxidation, brightening skin texture.

Anti-Aging | 60 minutes | 65€
Treatment that prevents and slows aging, leaving the skin rejuvenated. This treatment combines lifting and anti-wrinkle techniques. The complex G7 associated with birch sap rejuvenates the skin and slows aging.

Nutrition | 50 minutes | 50€
Treatment specially developped to replenish dry skins. It promotes elasticity and hydrates the skin profoundly.

Bio Express | 30 minutes | 30€
Moisturiser facial treatment for busy people who simply wish for a facial bio experience.
This treatment includes cleansing, mask, toning and hydration. It can be used as a complementary service to other Spa treatments.


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