For its uniqueness, sustainabilty and innovative concept, Zmar has won many Awards, nationally and internationally: 



Sustainable Construction Prize by SIL (Real Estate Saloon of Lisbon) - Lisbon, Portugal 2009

Honor Mention for Sustainability by Turismo de Portugal, I.P. - Lisbon, Portugal 2010

Innovation & Sustainability by Tourism of Alentejo - Évora, Portugal 2010

Unique Campsite Award by Alan Rogers * - Utrecht, Netherlands 2011 

Innovation Award by Publituris Trade Awards - Lisbon, Portugal 2011 

European Award by the Deutsche Camping Club - Essen, Germany 2011 

Award for Sustainability by Turismo de Portugal, I.P. - Lisbon, Portugal 2011 

Green Biz Award by ANJE - Porto, Portugal 2011


"Mais Sensação" Award by Mais Alentejo Magazine - Lisbon, Portugal 2015




Top Overall Ratings Award by Venere - 2013


Certificate of Excellence by Trip Advisor - 2014


Green Leaders by Trip Advisor - 2014


Merit Diploma by Municipality of Odemira - 2014




* Alan Rogers is a British Editor that publishes Camping Guides in 27 countries in Europe. The Alan Rogers Awards started in 2004 and recognizes the best out of 2000 campsites in Europe.



At Zmar we organize your wedding party, corporate event, spiritual retreat or any other kind of celebration.

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Greenbiz - 2011

Category Green Innovation Project.


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